Cyber Unity Events

Cyber Unity Events

Cyber Unity Events

Live Events

A live event is a large-scale event where two opposing sides wage cyber-war in a self-contained environment built by our team performing their chosen cybersecurity work role for a period of up to five (5) days. This will include participation from multiple locations simultaneously using real-time collaboration via voice and video and hopefully streamed live. We have found great success in the past with live events where two sides target each other in a controlled environment that has select vulnerabilities inserted. We cannot predict the outcome because the actual attack and defense of the environment is controlled by RED (attack) and BLUE (defense) teams not by our team.

Cyber Unity Practice Events

There are two (2) types of events that are required to help an individual demonstrate acquired knowledge and key skill areas prior to any certification testing. A practice event is a small-scale event conducted locally or remotely where an individual can execute a small number of tasks as defined by the National Initiative for cybersecurity Education (NICE) in their chosen skill area using test infrastructure we have constructed.

Currently, no live events are scheduled.

Cyber Unity Challenge

A Cyber Unity Challenge is a competition environment where participants fill the role of actual network defenders or attackers to attempt to either remotely gain access to the environment (attacker) or defend the environment form attack (defender). The defender will be responsible for attempting to keep network and physical services online while the attacker will be trying to constantly carry out their goals. These exercises will use open-source and donated software and hardware to show participants how these jobs carry out in the real work just as the NICE framework describes. Defenders can be judged on how many attacks they can identify, the quality of their reports and even their ability to stop the attacks that are still in progress. Attackers will be judged on their ability to successfully carry out the attacks without being discovered. No assets and no people will ever be harmed during an event as Cyber Unity challenges will use combinations of physical and virtual computing resources but will always include live devices from the specific environments being taught. Challenges may have live chatting and video if these resources are available and will accommodate participants from almost any location where Internet is accessible.
Participants who don't have resources at home may even be able to travel to a location where resources can be made available for the duration of the challenge.
As Cyber Unity grows we will be able to accommodate more challenges across a wider variety of scenarios for defending networks, computers and personal data.

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Cyber Unity is a process, a place, and a future certification where an interested individual can unite with others and get access to the skills, training, practice, and certification they need to begin a career in cybersecurity and defensive cyberspace operations.

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