Get Involved with Cyber Unity

Get Involved with Cyber Unity

Cyber Unity Ecosystem

The Cyber Unity Ecosystem is built on a Hub-and-Spoke operational model. The RX5 Cyber EnVision Cyber Unity Center and the CyberPoint Cyber Unity Center form the Hub and provides higher availability and cross-over redundancy. Use of the Hub-and-Spoke model enables us to build creative and powerful networking/data exchange solutions for geographically dispersed participants via cloud services for the following common use cases:

Setting up separate development and production environments.
Isolating the workloads of different participants.
Segregating environments to meet compliance requirements.

Cyber Unity Centers

RX5 Cyber EnVision Cyber Unity Center (RX5)

Designated as a nonprofit federally designated EnVision Center, the RX5 delivers innovative, leading-edge cybersecurity products, solutions, and services to customers worldwide. We discover the threats and vulnerabilities that expose data, systems, and infrastructure to compromise and design defenses hat provide critical protection. Our approach is tailored to meet the individuals needs of our customers, reduce risks, and to ensure ongoing protection in a world of continuously emerging cyber threats. At RX5, we are always learning, exploring, and looking for new ways to put our knowledge and experience to work. We seek out hard problems, develop new products and solutions, and are driving innovation in the field of cybersecurity.

RX5 is dedicated to advancing the discipline of cybersecurity through imagination, technical excellence, and unparalleled passion for our work. Employing world-class engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, and other industry experts, RX5 supports a broad array of commercial and government customers, in need of cybersecurity trained workforce.

CyberPoint Cyber Unity Center

CyberPoint International is a small, veteran-owned business founded in 2009. Since its inception, CyberPoint has provided exceptional engineers, mathematicians, and scientist to the United States Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, as well as commercial and international customers to solve cybersecurity challenges.

We've trained hundreds of individuals across the world from middle-school students to post-college adults in defensive and offensive cyber operations without forcing classroom style lectures onto participants. We focus on interactive experiences that are all designed around live challenges where people compete against each other to defend realistic environments.

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Business Participation

A key concept of Cyber Unity that is essential to our success is having the support of organizations committed to hiring individuals we can train for the cybersecurity workforce. Our first commitment is to the individuals participating in Cyber Unity we want to demonstrate to interested businesses that we can help them fill the gaps in their cybersecurity workforce in two (2) or less years. We will actively invite businesses to review the certification test process we introduced in the previous section and to participate in live events where they can identify individuals who out-perform others in cyberspace offense or defense tasks. We must unify with businesses to serve the individuals.

Cyber Unity Certification

It is our intent to have individuals become attractive candidates for participating businesses who are in the market for new cybersecurity talent. We will use our online community portal to track and report progress on individual participants in this process. All participants will be evaluated using quantifiable metrics from three (3) types of evaluation: multiple choice tests, online performance evaluation, and live participation in real scenarios to receive a certification.

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Cyber Unity is a process, a place, and a future certification where an interested individual can unite with others and get access to the skills, training, practice, and certification they need to begin a career in cybersecurity and defensive cyberspace operations.

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